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02 May

It’s been a while since I last posted anything to this site. Mainly because of personal life stuff that has caused me some personal grief over the last several years. Nothing I am sure you want to read about, that’s not what this place is for, so I’ll do my best to spare you the details. To say the least, things are changing for myself personally and for the state of this website as well as another brand I am working to build.

My decline in writing any new content for was a byproduct of not being happy with myself and what I have achieved thus far on a personal and professional level. So, I decided to stop writing and work on those traits I felt needed more attention. Life can be great or a kick to the balls. Sometimes you can control which one, but mostly not. You must grow and adapt to your future as it happens because you can only plan so much before it becomes irrelevant wishful thinking.

So, what is to come of and TPM Productions? Well, that’s a damned good question that I’ve been asking myself lately. I’ve acquired a new brand, other than One I think better reflects who I am and what I am trying to achieve. A little history; this site has gone through many changes since I started this all back in 2006 under the name of Many changes with themes and software. Constantly changing because I didn’t like how the CMS’s worked. WordPress was nice for a while, but a pain in the ass to keep bots out of because of old crappy never updated addons poking holes in everything (Hay WordPress, maybe you should look into that little problem and take responsibility for hosting shit files and clean it up FFS). Thank you google for finding the bad files and notifying me! The next software I use is going to take some time to develop, the foundation is called Craft CMS. This is exactly the type of software I was looking for to give me more freedom with how my site will work. The sites address will be released when ready.

So if you’ve stuck around and read my stuff in the past, stick around some more and see what the future brings, you might just like it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention the changes that are coming. Obviously a change to the theme which has just happen. If you happen to see a black background  still, you’re going to need to clear your browser cache. The previous theme got old and boring looking, so today I decided it needed to change. Plus, it’s easier looking to the eye, with not having a lot of junk around like the side bars, which I found takes away from what you should see. It’s simplistic, yet to the point. It looks clean and seductive, who doesn’t like that?! I’ve removed all of the old content. Lets face it, it sucked and it’s time to move in a new direction.

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