Paris Climate Deal, not much of a deal and here’s why!

02 Jun

What if I were to tell you that the Paris Climate Deal isn’t much of a deal, but rather it’s a redistribution of OUR wealth to other countries under the guise of climate control. How about all that scientific proof that has been proven over the years to be misleading, contrived, and twisted to fit an agenda. Another thing to pay attention to, this would cost the US populous around $3+ Trillion and those other countries wouldn’t even start implementing carbon control until 2030. Oh, I know, how about all those millions of jobs that would be lost due to this deal. Yeah that sounds like a great idea for our already weak economy, let’s displace millions of people from their jobs and cost tax payers even more than the estimated $3+ trillion because of other programs like public assistance costs (unemployment, housing, etc..) which would coincide with job losses.

None of this seems to matter when it’s been drilled into your head by propagandist’s that global warming is caused by humans and not a recurring natural phenomenon. This isn’t the first time our Earth has gone through this stage of back and forth warming and cooling. Which has been said to be like Earth breathing.

If you still can’t fathom that this is natural, then maybe you need to add a layer to your tinfoil hat. What I have deduced from the information that I see from the plethora of articles I have read both for and against global warming and the information that is out there that disproves scientist’s claims of global warming being caused by the people is that this a naturally re-accruing phenomenon.

Let’s look at this again. The deal would mean 2.7 to 6+ million lost jobs by 2025 – This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs. By 2040, production for paper would be down an estimated 12 percent; cement down an estimated 23 percent; iron and steel down an estimated 38 percent. The cost to the economy would be close to $3+ Trillion in lost GDP. It’s also estimated that households would see close to a $7,000 drop in their income with some others being much worse.

This is simply a redistribution of our money to other countries. The Paris Agreement is also noted as being, “predicated upon assumption that member states of the United Nations will somehow drive down their carbon pollution voluntarily and assiduously without any binding enforcement mechanism to measure and control CO2 emissions at any level from factory to state.” What that tells me is that they’ll take our money, but who’s to say they’ll use it like they’re supposed to. No regulations, just an agreement that we will give out money to other countries with the expectation that they as well as everyone else will use it to fight CO2 emissions.

Here’s an idea, how about we use that money for our own country and clean up any pollution issues we have here. Rather than sending our money to other countries under the guise that doing so will somehow help with CO2 emissions in those countries who create only a fraction of the CO2 compared to China, US, Canada, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, and Australia. Why would we send resources to countries that are not causing CO2 issues, to fix CO2 issues? On top of that, why would we blindly send trillions of dolor’s to other countries without any regulations to make sure it’s used correctly?

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