Internet Conglomerates Take On Fake News!

05 May

There appears to be a few high-profile organizations who are tackling fake news. One of those companies is Google and on Tuesday they revealed that it is tweaking their search engine algorithm to highlight and bring forward high-quality content to the front of their search page. Wikipedia and Facebook are others that are trying to combat the plague that is fake news.

That begs to question, what is Fake News and how can one say that it is not real news?

This is conundrum because it would seemingly cause a conflict with the First Amendment rights in the United States. Then again, the internet doesn’t seem to be accountable under the same laws, as we the people are, and censorship has become a reality.

The game these high-profile companies are playing is, without a shadow of a doubt, censorship or at least a form of censorship, but is still censorship. I’m not saying that fake news is good, I am simply questioning the ideals and how Google and other major information hubs can determine what is fake and what is not. It’s a dangerous tool and the people who manage it can manipulate it’s algorithm to their liking (Google, Facebook, etc..).

It’s reminiscent of being a propagandist ideology with Influenced intelligence on current world events or anything else for that matter. Companies like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and all those other major news network acronyms are owned by conglomerates who, quite frankly, don’t give a rat’s ass about you, but instead are more interested in zeros attached to the end of a long number. That’s how I see it.

With Google, what I assume is going on, is a restructuring to the placement of paid for spots on their search engine where large conglomerate news agencies will be able to pay-to-push their agenda into the spotlight and squash independent media sources by labeling them as “Fake News”. Let’s face it, those major news networks are losing out on revenue because viewership has dropped significantly over the last decade thanks to the internet. Using a system such as Google and finally embracing the technological advantages of the internet has brought to light that they can control it and this is how they, once again, control information and create more revenue.

Propagandist hyperbole or conspiracy theory?

What if I were to tell you that it’s neither, but in fact reality. Agendas, yes absolutely censorship is all part of an agenda, so much so that it wreaks of agenda and pocket stuffing. It seems that this sort of thing has become the norm. And that in and of itself is scary. The internet should be a free source of information for the world to use openly. Censorship is the same as high jacking the minds of people and twisting their reality to fit the needs of the few conglomerates. Those big companies with lots of money don’t like that you are taking their income. This is what happens when things get out of control, our control, the peoples control.

Even while I dislike false narratives and misleading information in fake news and it even being a thing, I do not like censorship keeping me from discerning between what is right and what is wrong. And that is what is wrong with society, people are quick to judge and extremely irrational when reading headlines.

What can we do about it?

Not much when you have a government who wants to control everything, doesn’t matter if it’s coming from the left or right. Then there are the people who willfully allow it to happen. At this point, it all boils down to politics and the scum they have become by being paid for shrills enacting laws against the people of our society and in favor of the capitalist elites. Yes, I understand we are a capitalist country, but having as much rein as corporations have, maybe it’s time we reevaluate and restructure the system to be more equal. No that doesn’t mean getting free shit from rich people just because they have it and you don’t. The system we live in isn’t broken, but it is incredibly flawed.

Information is not the issue here. Political bully’s are.

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