About Me

My name is Chris Adams.

I’m not old, but the one grey hair I have in my beard is starting to say otherwise. I’m a tinkerer; which is someone who is intrigued by gadgets, gizmos, and their guts. In other words, I dissect things and try reverse engineering them, in my own way. That’s how I learn and I’ve learned a lot of useless information over the years.

In the last several years I’ve branched off a bit from hardware to more software side mechanics. Like building websites, or applications using .HTA VBscript format, which is a language I personally call hell (thanks MS). I’m versed in many languages such as: HTML, (some)PHP, MySql/SQL, Java Script, CSS. I even own two server blades that I use to test and build software and play around learning stuff, because I’m weird that way.

On my off time you can usually find me vegetating, watching YouTube videos consisting of working on cars, blacksmithing, woodworking, electronics building/destroying. Or I’m playing games like GW2, BF1, and those other ones. However, when the weather is right and I have the time, you’ll find me out in the woods smelling the smells and feeling the feels of the open wilderness, with no one else around but the bugs.

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